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Penn View Bible Institute offers Christian education from Kindergarten through postsecondary level in the conservative Wesleyan-Arminian persuasion. The school stresses academic excellence in the context of total devotion and dedicated service to the Lord Jesus Christ. All of the programs and courses are framed and undergirded by a solid, Biblical philosophy of education.

The Institute department prepares men and women, at the postsecondary level, for the pastoral ministry, missions, the Christian music ministry, Christian school teaching, Bible teaching, and other church ministries.

The Institute awards postsecondary level, four-year Advanced Diplomas in several areas of specialization as well as a general one-year Certificate in Biblical Studies. Students orient themselves spiritually and mentally through Bible/Theology Studies, understand the world in which we live through General Studies, and prepare for specific ministries through Professional Studies.

The Academy department acts as a preparation school for the Institute, but it also prepares young people to pursue academic and non-academic careers other than the ministries mentioned above.

Our official mission statement:

to prepare Christlike Servant Leaders
through spiritual transformation,
academic excellence, social integrity,
and practical experience,
in the conservative Wesleyan-Arminian tradition
to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission.