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Penn View Christian Academy seeks to provide a quality Christian Education at a minimal cost to a maximum number of students. In accordance with this goal, tuition, fees, and room and board rates are kept as low as possible in order to make this education available to a broad range of prospective students. The administration is aware that these charges provide only a portion of the income necessary to meet our operating expenses, and relies on gifts and contributions from individuals, churches, businesses, etc., to provide the remaining necessary income.

For this reason, we must insist that all financial obligations be cared for according to the terms as described in the following sections. The school depends to a great extent upon this contractual income to meet its routine operating expense requirements. Interested families should realize that the cost of education is being borne in part by contributions from loyal school supporters and by the sacrificial labor of faculty and staff members, and should not take lightly the fulfillment of their financial obligations.

Schedule of Charges
(Fees Effective as of 8/01/2020)

Preschool (per student)


Kindergarten (one child)


1 Child


2 Children


3 Children


4 Children


5 Children


6 Children


Each additional child after 6


Fees — Per Child (non refundable)




Parent Work Hours Equivalent (per family)


Student Enrichment Fee


International Student Enrichment Fee


Student Accidental Insurance- (Subject to change)


Preschool Registration


Online Course — Alpha Omega


Private Music Lessons
Piano / Voice / Instrument


Room & Board
Private Room


Semi-Private Room


Private Room – New Dorm




Laundry Charge


Room Deposit (Initial Semester Only)


International Students Payment Terms
50% down payment due prior to arrival on campus. The remaining 50% is due by January 15th.

Payment Terms
All students are required to arrange for full payment at the time of registration. This may be in the form of a single payment at registration or in the form of monthly installment payments as provided in our deferred payment option. Terms of the various payment plans are described below.

  • A 2% cash discount will be given for all accounts paid in full at registration or within thirty days after registration.

  • A minimum down payment is required at registration. This amount is equal to 10% of the total charges or the total of all fees whichever is greater.

  • The balance of the account is payable in nine equal monthly installments over the course of the school year. Such installments are due on the fifteenth of each month.

  • All obligations (school account, bookstore, class dues, library fines, dining center charges, etc.) must be paid in full to participate in graduation ceremonies.

  • A late payment fee of $30.00 will be added to accounts that have an outstanding balance after the fifteenth of each month.

  • The Parent Work Hours Equivalent fee will be adjusted as hours are

Miscellaneous Information

Satisfactory arrangements for all financial obligations must be made before a student will be permitted to participate in commencement exercises, enroll for another year, or receive a transcript of grades or hours accomplished. Each dormitory student is required to render a stated number of hours of work time to the school each week. This is considered to be as essential a part of the student’s financial obligation as the actual monetary charge. An assessment will be added to the student’s bill for each delinquent work hour. The number of required hours and the assessment rate will be established by the administration. No adjustment of room and board rates or work hour requirements will be made for students who take frequent weekend leaves.

A student who becomes delinquent in his monthly installment payments may be asked to withdraw from school until his account is brought to a current status.

The administration reserves the right to adjust the published fee schedule at any time without prior notice.

Refund Policy: General & Music Lessons
Students wishing to withdraw prior to completion of a full term of study may do so only after properly completing a withdrawal petition. Such petitions are available from the Academy Office and are submitted to the Principal for approval, then signed by the President. Approved petitions are forwarded to the Director of Finance for a refund calculation. Refunds for tuition and room and board are calculated on a semester basis according to the following schedule:

Withdrawal within two weeks after registration 80%
Withdrawal during the third or fourth week 60%
Withdrawal during the fifth or sixth week 50%
After sixth week 0%

Fees other than tuition, room and board are non-refundable.