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High School Classification

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Beginning with the Class of 2019, at least 25 credits are needed by the end of the student’s senior year – approximately 6.25 credits per year.

Minimum credits needed to begin the each year are: Sophomore year: 6.25; Junior: 12.50; and Senior: 18.75.

Transfer credits are accepted if they are for an appropriate high school level course.

While enrolled as a student at Penn View Christian Academy, students should get the most from what PVCA has to offer. Credits earned through another system – ACE, American School, etc., may be accepted for credit at PVCA after the student is already enrolled here, if such a procedure is approved by the Principal. Usually such an approval is made so that the student can make up a failed course or earn credits needed but not fulfilled in a previous educational setting such as a home school, another Christian school, or in some schooling situation that was not up to acceptable standards. Exceptions are allowed under our Enrichment Option (see below).

In addition to these minimum numerical requirements, there are minimum academic subject requirements for students to be classified at the various levels. One reason for these minimum subject requirements is the state-mandated requirement for four credits of English and three each of Science, Math and Social Studies. The following are the minimum earned credits a student must have in the core subjects to begin the various class levels:



Keeping in mind that all of the above guidelines must be followed, there is an option for students who qualify to earn credits during the summers. Students must re-enroll for the following school year and participate in the early re-enrollment program and pay the early fee.

Only one of the enrichment courses may be an English course, and this English course must be taken before the 11th grade or before the third high school year. A maximum of three credits will be accepted under this program.

Only students who have a “B+” average (at least a 92%) or who anticipate graduation at age 19 are eligible.

Only schools and courses approved in writing by the Principal will be accepted for enrichment credit, and an Enrichment Contract will be signed by the Principal, the parent and the student involved.

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