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Welcome from the Principal

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Welcome to Penn View Christian Academy!

Christian education is very important! If we expect our children to grow and develop spiritually, then it is our obligation to provide them with a Christ-centered education. It is no mistake that the United States of America is becoming a nation of atheists and agnostics. For so many years we have filled the minds of our young people with an education that was devoid of Christ. If we teach our children that Jesus Christ is a myth then we should not be surprised when our children grow up to live ungodly lifestyles. After all, we allowed them to be taught for 13 years by a school system that contradicts our faith in Christ. The Christian parent that wants the best for their children must consider their education as a major factor in providing the best. Always remember that what we allow to enter the minds of our children is what will influence their thinking and their lifestyles. Education, without Christ, will have some serious consequences on your children!

Here at Penn View Christian Academy, we strive to provide the best, Christ-centered, education that is possible. Our faculty and staff truly do consider their roles here as more than a job. They view it as a ministry and a direct calling from God. They pour passion and prayer into their classrooms and tasks. Yes, they are still human and they still have human weaknesses. However the passion of our faculty and staff is the Christian education of young people and they strive to accomplish that every day.

We also believe that every young person who attends our school has a direct purpose for his/her life. This purpose is given to each person directly by God. We believe that it is our purpose to lead our young people to a saving faith and relationship with Jesus Christ. Once a young person knows Jesus Christ, then he/she will be able to discover the wonderful plan and purpose that God intends for his/her life. We do not only desire to give an education to young people, we also want each young person’s spiritual needs to be met as well. No person can truly be educated unless he/she knows the Master of all education.

If you are looking for a Christian school, we urge you to consider Penn View Christian Academy. Your childrens’ future and eternal destiny may depend upon the education that they receive.

Brent Lenhart
Principal, PVCA