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PVCA strives for excellence to honor God and build His kingdom.

Welcome to Penn View Christian Academy!

We strive to train through spiritual transformation, academic excellence, social integrity, and practical experience, in the conservative Wesleyan-Arminian tradition to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission.

Penn View provides a setting...

…and an atmosphere where young people can grow and strengthen spiritually, train and advance academically, as well as develop and network socially.

We are serious about our mission…

…of training Christian workers! You need to join us and discover how you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others as Christ works in you and through you!

At Penn View…

…we want you to find healing and wholeness for your life so that you in turn can help others find completeness in Christ.




From the Principal

Jeremy Beltz

Mr. Jeremy Beltz


Hello! And thank you for visiting the internet home of Penn View Christian Academy!  Whether you are a guest just checking out our school or a parent checking for updates, we are blessed to have you do so! One of my very favorite verses of scripture is Psalm 34:8:   “O taste and see that the LORD is good:  blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”  Recently, I challenged our students to follow the instruction in this verse.  I reminded them that this scripture verse is not only a verse of instruction, but a verse or promise.   We are told to do 2 things in this verse.  We are told to taste and to see in this verse.  When we taste something, we internalize it or make it a part of ourselves.  In this verse, the word see speaks of proving a point or determining the outcome. This verse is also a verse of promise.  When we get a taste of the Lord, of who He is, and what we can do, we will...

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December 14–17, 2020


Chicken Nuggets, Cheese Sticks, Fruit, Dessert 

Taco Soup

Hamburgers, Fries, Fruit, Dessert

Pepperoni Rolls, Chips, Fruit, Dessert

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